Saturday, February 06, 2010

better than TV

or Facebook.
or Tweeting.

i thought i'd spend more of my free time writing.

then maybe i can capture these roaming radio (and such) thoughts and wrangle them into sentences and paragraphs for safekeeping outside my crammed and cloudy cranium.

for example, here's a topic:

Friendship ministry.

i was reminded this week that Christian radio is a friendship ministry. at least the kind of Christian radio that i feel called to. because K-LOVE is national, getting "out" and meeting listeners that are representitive of who we're talking to each day is...rare. on the K-LOVE cruise, i got to hear/see/touch a microcosm of our listeners. every state was represented. except for Conneticut. :)

and over and over again, i saw the faces of friends. friends who just lost their husbands. recently had surgery. just watched their daughter graduate. were celebrating 35 years of marriage. many on their first cruise ever.

i long to be a real person on the radio. not someone trying to change you, teach you, or convince you. just a friend, experiencing life with and seeking God with those who listen.

the palm trees, the water, the islands, the food, the concerts... all amazing. but the faces and stories were precious, life-changing, and highly affirming to my soul.