Sunday, February 07, 2010

look people in the eye

just got back from the grocery store.
Superbowl Sunday in Indianapolis.
everyone was wearing Colts clothes.

and even though it's a huge day for the city...
and it could be like a pep-rally in the aisle...

no eye contact at all in the grocery store. i checked with over 2 dozen people.

only one small woman buying cupcake mix made quick eye contact with me. and smiled at the cupcake mix as i passed, an almost human contact moment.

everyone seemed...
focused, busy, preoccupied.
almost sad, but not really.
kinda cold, like the weather.

maybe it's about safety?
protecting themselves from interaction?
maybe it's just the culture here?

it reminds me to:

look people in the eye.
see them.
respond to them.
smile at people.
be alive.
notice things.
respectful, but engaged.
honest, but un-intrustive.
kind and warm.

these are great qualities that translate on the radio.

people are drawn to these qualities.